Wall of Fame Success Stories

Jessica’s Success Story

Watch the video to see how our wellness program helped Jessica turn her health around.

Prior to starting this program, joint pain prevented me from doing many activities with my family on vacation. I also struggled with fatigue. I had to drag myself out of bed to get ready for work while also trying to take care of my family. I also had a lot of weight gain that would constantly go up and down.

I had tried the Whole30 diet, lots of MLM things, had support from friends trying to help me walk and exercise more. I spoke to so many doctors – the pulmonologist, my family doctor, the cardiologist…they didn’t seem to be able to help me. They would encourage me to lose some weight and eat better, but no one taught me how to do those things. I would leave my appointments in tears because it felt like nobody was able to help me.

I was so skeptical before getting started, because I had been to so many doctors and no one was able to help me, but I was more hopeful after meeting with Dr. Feldman.

Now that I’ve completed my wellness program, I no longer need to rely on excedrin for my migraines. I was taking it 2-3  times/day and ibuprofen 800 mg 3 times/day just to get through the day. And even when I was taking them, I still had pain. But by eating the right foods and getting my body to absorb the right nutrients that significantly helped with decreasing the pain. I can happily say that I haven’t taken any excedrin or ibuprofen in 6 months! I was able to get off of prescription medications. I also have increased energy and better sleep at night and I know this is just the beginning and I am going to keep getting better and better. 

The best part of the experience has been getting my life back. I am able to go out and plan activities with my friends more and they notice how much better I am feeling! I’m doing more stuff with my kids, especially my daughter. We signed up for a hand knitting class that we’re going to take together and I would’ve never been able to do that before this program. 

I didn’t feel like I was enjoying my life before this program, and now that I just turned 53, life is more promising now than it was in my 40’s. I recommend this program to everyone!

Lynn H.

Physical Therapist

My primary concern prior to starting my program was my gut health. Ever since childhood, I’ve been plagued by varying degrees of gut health concerns. I tried eliminating gluten, but was still eating some now and then, and had done multiple colonoscopies and endoscopies and all sorts of those procedures, but nothing was found as a result of those tests – I was told everything was normal and fine. I was skeptical before getting started because I didn’t feel like my health issues were that bad – I could still function, but I realized that I wasn’t enjoying things as much as I could be because I didn’t feel good overall. Most of my symptoms are now gone and I feel so much better now!

Jennifer B.

School Psychologist

Before starting my wellness program, I was struggling with fatigue, joint pain, constipation/diarrhea, PCOS/hormone imbalances, and weight gain. I had tried different medications to address my health but they didn’t help for the long term. After meeting with Dr. Feldman, I was a bit skeptical before getting started – would this actually work for me? Now that I’ve completed my program, I am no longer tired all the time, my constipation is gone and I no longer have any joint pain. The support has been so helpful and I feel like the supplements she recommended for me have really helped me feel better. I definitely recommend working with Dr. Feldman and her team!

Michelle G.

Operations Specialist

Before meeting Dr. Feldman, I was struggling with the inability to lose weight. I was steadily gaining weight over years, and no matter what I tried, I could only lose a pound and then I would gain it back. I also was frustrated with bloating and just felt uncomfortable no matter what I was eating. I had depression even while taking medications and dealt with so much stress – I couldn’t get through the day without feeling uncomfortable. In the past, I had tried weight loss medication, which caused me major medical issues, and I actually gained 15 lbs from the weight loss medication, I tried looking for other doctors to help me but they all just wanted to give me medications. I was desperate to find a solution! I’ve lost 20 lbs, which is something I never thought I would achieve. This program was very easy to follow and helped minimize my depression symptoms. I feel so much more clear now on what’s good and bad for me. And I felt so supported on my health journey – I never felt like I was alone in this process. I loved being celebrated throughout the program, since I’m always reluctant to celebrate my own success and hard work. You cannot get your health back; you have one chance to take care of yourself and you cannot put a price on your health – it makes everything you do in life even better!

Denise M.


I started with the Vitality Wellness program in November after exhausting all of my attempts to lose weight, get healthy and find some relief from brain fog and lack of good sleep. I came across a webinar that Dr. Feldman was putting on and signed up (with some hesitancy if I’m being honest) Because I felt I had tried so many things, I wasn’t really expecting to hear anything new. However I love her approach!! It was refreshing and seemed to make perfect sense. I decided to involve my husband and he thought the same. As I began the program. I didn’t feel overwhelmed like I did on other programs I had tried. I drink so much water now and I actually enjoy it and I enjoy my meals more. The program coaching and check in’s with Dr. Feldman and her staff are so helpful and encouraging. Any time I had a question or concern, someone was always available to find the answer for me. The accountability was key for me. I have currently lost 15 pounds and feel better than I have in years! I’m sleeping through the night and have energy to do some walking outside and exercise. Thank you to Dr. Feldman and all of the staff at Vitality Wellness for giving me back my life!

Lori L.

Business Owner

Less than a year ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I didn’t realize at the time that I was also dealing with gut issues that I had thought were normal. I had started trying to eat healthier and threw away all the junk food and felt like I was on the right track with my health. But boy, I was shocked at how much improvement I had after doing this program! My health is “next level” now!! Yesterday I played 18 holes of golf with my family. I had no pain, no joint stiffness and loads of energy. A year and a half ago this wasn’t possible. I’ve never been able to find anything that compares to this program – I’ve really loved working with Dr. Feldman and the Vitality team!

Amy D.

Human Resources Director

I had a lot of bloating, gas, pain, fatigue, joint aches and pains – I just did not feel well overall. I really did not like the person I saw in the mirror. I had tried some other diet, exercise, and detox programs but nothing had helped. I was very skeptical before getting started but knew I needed to make a change. The first thing I noticed was increased energy – wow! Certainly my labs got better and I lost 15 lbs. which might not seem like a lot, but I’ve been able to maintain that weight loss for the last 6 months! I no longer have any heartburn. People have accused me of being on a diet but I don’t feel that way at all – I’ve completely changed my lifestyle! The support that Dr. Feldman and the team gave me was the best part of the whole experience. I definitely recommend this program and I can’t stop talking about it!

Kelly J.

Human Resources Director

My main health concern was fatigue. I felt like I had maintained a fairly healthy lifestyle by eating clean and exercising regularly but I just didn’t feel good. But some of my biggest results are that I am now pain free – I no longer have pain in my joints now, it’s amazing! I’ve been able to eliminate the mental fog that I felt like I was in all the time and I’m no longer fatigued! My labs also improved, too. The support and the information discussed in the program was amazing!

Heather S.

Library Administration

I had struggled for years with bloating, a lot of pain and abdominal problems, hemorrhoids, and hormonal imbalances that affected my menstrual cycle. I tried a lot of different things over the course of my life – dietary changes, probiotics, and hormonal replacement therapy. I was nervous about getting started because I had never done anything like this before but the support in the program made my experience amazing. All of my symptoms have now resolved. I no longer have hemorrhoids, gas or bloating and so much more awareness about how foods make me feel. I have so much more knowledge and I feel so much better now! I definitely recommend working with Dr. Feldman – everyone was so great and wonderful!

Shanna H.

Massage Therapist

For years I had struggled with GI issues, prediabetes, being overweight, poor sleep and just not feeling well overall. I had tried various diets and was reading/researching, trying to educate myself, but I realized that I couldn’t do this alone. After meeting and working with Dr. Feldman, I have been able to get off of my cholesterol medication, my GI issues have now resolved, my blood sugars are better, and weight loss was a nice side effect! The bloodwork results were super helpful for tracking my progress and I had a great experience overall. Thanks Dr. Feldman and the Vitality Wellness Partners team!

Donna H.

Chief Financial Officer

I was tired, fatigued all the time, I had pain under my right rib cage, back pain, and was overweight – I was basically miserable! I was also unknowingly dealing with diabetes that we uncovered after working together. I had tried diets and nothing ever worked. I was super skeptical at first! But after meeting with Dr. Feldman, I felt a lot more comfortable. I’ve now experienced weight loss, got my diabetes under control, and I’m sleeping so much better. I’ve got great gut health now and no more rib cage pain – and I’ve got so much more energy now! Working with Vitality made things so easy – the structure and guidance was super helpful! To anyone considering this program — do it!!

Cheryl W.

Business Owner

Prior to starting my wellness program, I had an overactive bladder and I always exhausted because I couldn’t sleep during the night. I was not having regular bowel movements and my blood sugars were out of control. I had weight gain and rheumatoid arthritis that had caused me so much pain. I was on so many medications and had visited so many other doctors. I was grasping at anything and everything. I was SO skeptical before getting started because I had tried other weight loss programs before and nothing had worked for me. But now, I no longer have any joint pain and I noticed that immediately after getting started. Prior to starting, I got 1 hour of sleep before I had to wake up and use the bathroom. Now I get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And when I wake up in the morning, I have energy now! The whole experience has been amazing. I’m not suffering anymore and I wake up excited to take on my day now. I think I have more energy than my nine year old now 🙂 Please do this program, it is so worth it!

Jessica G.


My health challenges prior to starting this program were acid reflux, poor sleep, not feeling good overall, bloatedness, extra weight, and moodiness. In the past, I had tried eating better here and there, but I could never find anything that helped on a consistent basis. To be totally honest, I was skeptical before getting started because I didn’t think something as simple as changing diet and lifestyle would be as beneficial to me. I had tried different diets and things in the past and nothing ever stuck. As a result of doing this program, I’ve lost 30 lbs, and that was an added bonus to me! I don’t get bloated anymore! So many people have wanted what I now have! I feel so much better all around. I have so much more awareness of how I feel. I was able to stop 2 of my medications! I’m so glad I was able to do this with my husband – we both have changed our lives for the better. Investing in your health is worth every penny and you are saving money in the long run. Dr. Feldman and her team have made this a wonderful experience!

Gretchen B.

Human Resources Coordinator

Prior to starting my program, I had fatigue, brain fog, heartburn, inflammation, and immunity concerns. I also had high cholesterol, and constant knee pain. I tried all different diets – low carb/keto, and we would lose weight, but only temporarily, and it would come right back. I went on the internet and researched as much as I could. And I was shooting from the hip doing supplements. And none of it really helped. Dr. Feldman was the idea of a doctor I was yearning for. At first, I wondered, is it too good to be true? Is this really going to help teach me, or is this going to be like going on the internet and trying something then it fails? I’ve had so many failures in the past that I was initially worried, but I felt much more comfortable once I got started in my program. I’m not guessing anymore. I have direction, I have a focus. I know how to be healthy. I have confidence that I can enjoy time with my future grandkids. I’ve seen people that are our age and are living, but not in a good way. I don’t want to be that way. Since starting my program, my sleep definitely is better. I lowered my resting heart rate, reduced inflammation. I don’t have any more heartburn, and my leaky gut is healing. I am more alert. My immunity is definitely better. I have thicker hair and it doesn’t itch anymore. My nails are stronger. Your health is priceless. And if you don’t take care of your health, you’re going to be taking care of your illness or sickness. It’s worth the investment. I definitely recommend working with Dr. Feldman!

Marie W.

Shipping Supervisor

I was experiencing a lot of gut issues and IBS symptoms – constipation, bloating, nausea. Overall, I just felt really heavy all the time and super fatigued. I couldn’t run around with my son at the park because I felt like I just needed to sit. Going into my 40’s, I did not want to be feeling like that! I was reliant on antibiotics and taking Imodium every day – it felt like I was walking around with all my little over the counter pills every day. After meeting with Dr. Feldman, she gave me hope. And now, I have so much more awareness of the effect food has on my body. I wake up and feel lighter now and fresh – no more nausea or “disgusting” feeling. Inflammation in my midsection has gone down, which is amazing because that’s what I feel like was causing some negative self image for myself. My mind is so much more clear and focused – I’ve noticed I’m more present in what I’m doing. I feel so much more in control of my health and my body! This investment was so worth it – I not only got to improve my own health but it has helped my loved ones and those around me, too!

Gabi G.


My health issues prior to starting my program were extreme fatigue, bloating and stomach discomfort, and I had severe constipation. I was working with a GI doctor who suggested more water, more fiber and gave me prescription medication. I had tried some different things I found on social media to try to resolve my stomach issues with no success. I have now been able to get off Linzess, I’ve lost 21 lbs without even trying, and have drastically improved my eating habits. I actually eat more now than I did prior to starting the program and I feel fuller. My energy levels have gone up and I overall just feel better! This is the best decision I have ever made for myself in my whole entire life. It’s been worth every single penny!

Dianne S.

Patient Access Services

I noticed that I had some weight gain that was stubborn and wouldn’t come off. I was getting tired, especially after lunch and I thought it was related to food but couldn’t figure out what it was. And I was also experiencing some cramps more frequently and had ringing in my ears. I had tried lots of different things I found online and other kinds of diets. Being a dietician, I always tell people that food is medicine but I wasn’t really practicing what I was preaching. But now I can happily say that I’ve lost weight and no longer have the afternoon slump that I was having before! I don’t have nearly as many leg cramps anymore and I have more motivation because I’ve experienced results. The best part of the experience is that my clothes are fitting better and my husband could tell that I was making progress and seeing the results, too! I have so many patients that retire and they did not take care of themselves before retiring – their health is so bad that they can’t enjoy their retirement. I’m so glad I invested in my health because I am confident now that as I head into retirement, I know I am going to enjoy it!

Stacy L.

Registered Dietician

I had a lot of GI issues, bloating, pain, and diarrhea (which I didn’t know was from constipation!). I also had diabetes, blood pressure – the whole gamut. I had done protonics and it worked for the most part, but it was a bandaid. I was a little skeptical before getting started with Dr. Feldman – I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to do it and have it actually work, but I was pleasantly surprised! I am now eating so much better and this has helped me feel so much better, physically and mentally. It’s helped me get rid of most of the GI issues I’ve had. I got to decrease my diabetic meds and my A1c has gone down a bunch! People have noticed that I look and feel better! My quality of life is so much better. This is the easiest thing I’ve ever tried and I’m so happy to say it works. I definitely recommend this program!

Sally C.


I was extremely tired and bloated, my bowel movements were inconsistent and I had lots of gut issues. I had read up on the internet and tried different things but nothing really worked or fit what I needed. After meeting with Dr. Feldman, I could tell right away that this was what I was looking for. I did lose weight – I expected to lose some but I continued to consistently lose weight and it didn’t feel like I was trying to! I didn’t realize that I was deficient in certain vitamins and minerals and now that I’ve addressed those, I’m feeling so much better. I enjoy exercising a lot more and feel more effective in my workouts. My diet has totally changed and I don’t feel deprived in what I’m eating. The support I had from the entire team helped me be successful – you cannot put a price on your health and this entire experience has been so worth it!

Jennifer H.


I had a lot of aches and pains, and had gained some weight. I just didn’t feel great. I have a 12 year old at home and I realized that if I just let things go the way they were going, they were going to get out of hand. I wanted to feel good and be around for a long time for my family. What I was doing was not getting me the results I needed. We are trained to think that as we age, we just accept things the way they are. I know better now! My wife came across Dr. Feldman somehow and I’m so glad she did. My aches and pains are now gone. I lost weight without even trying and was able to recognize what foods trigger my migraines. My overall wellbeing is so much better off and I’m looking forward to enjoying life now that I’m retired. Doing this together with my wife was so worth it! It was really motivating getting to achieve our goals together. I definitely recommend investing in your health and doing this program!

Robert S.

Electronics Technician

I was dealing with frequent migraines, high cholesterol, sleepless nights and then waking up exhausted, restless legs, so much bloating, and irregular periods. I had tried diets, medication for my periods and birth control, which just never seemed to help. I knew that I needed to change and really believed that this was going to be my answer. So far I have lost 15 lbs, my skin looks so much better, I sleep through the night now, my labs are all better and my periods have started to become more regular. I feel so much better now and had wonderful support from Vitality along the way – I loved the whole experience. Thank you so much!

Renee L.

Insurance Agent

I had chronic fatigue, a lot of swelling in my extremities, and I had so much joint pain to the point where I thought I had arthritis. I was also having awful bloating everyday at the end of the day – it was terrible. Regular exercise has always been a part of my routine so I was doing yoga as a recommendation from my therapist, but I hadn’t tried much other than that. I found Dr. Feldman on Facebook, and I think everyone is skeptical about things they find on Facebook! But once my husband and I met with Dr. Feldman, we felt so much more comfortable and ready to get started after that. Now that I’ve finished the program, I have so much more energy most days, I was able to figure out food triggers, my joint pain is gone and I’m still able to exercise which is great. I’ve incorporated more mindfulness in my day which has also been really nice. The best part was getting to do this for me – the benefit wasn’t only me (the benefits bleed over into the rest of your life and my family is so much better because of it, too) but also it was nice having the focus be on me and helping me feel better. The staff and team were really great and I definitely recommend working with Vitality!

Megan D.

Wildlife Biologist

I had insomnia, dry skin, sore joints, not able to build muscle, mood swings, bloating, low energy, food sensitivities. Previously I had tried cutting out a bunch of foods and trying different supplements, but nothing I tried seemed to help. I was a little bit nervous before starting my wellness program, but I was willing to take the chance because nothing else had worked in the past. Fast forward to now, I am sleeping so much better – I rarely get up in the middle of the night anymore. I was nervous to go back to school after the summer but my body can handle the extra stress way better now. I notice that I am less sore after workouts now and have been able to incorporate harder workouts which has helped me build muscle. I haven’t had a stomachache or bloating in a long time, either. I feel so much better overall – body, mind and soul! Nobody out there does what Dr. Feldman and the Vitality team do. The time, money and effort is so worth it!

Cherie S.


Prior to starting my program, I was dealing with chronic migraines, digestion issues, gallbladder pain, stomach pain, elbow pain, low back pain, and interstitial cystitis. I had worked with a naturopath over the years and have tried lots of different detoxes and supplements and diets, chiropractic care and acupuncture. I was definitely skeptical before getting started because I had tried a lot of different things and lots of people promised big things. It may work for a little while but then something happens – it comes back or I develop something new. Now that I’ve finished my program, I can happily say that my digestion is better, I rarely have stomach pain now and I no longer have gallbladder pain, which is great! I also no longer have elbow pain. My overall health has improved and I’ve learned a lot of tools to keep working on improving my health. I definitely recommend working with Vitality Wellness Partners to help reach your health goals!

Kirsten G.


I had a whole slew of health concerns – poor digestive health, acid reflux, I was overweight and overall I just felt icky. I tried a few different diets and had some success, but it was never for the long term. After meeting with Dr. Feldman, I was a bit skeptical about the process because things hadn’t worked out for me in the past and I was defeated by past attempts that hadn’t been successful. But I am so glad I did this program ! I have had great results since getting started. I was finally able to give up Diet Coke and I feel so much more nourished in my diet now. My skin looks better and I feel better overall. I have so much more freedom now that my digestion has improved. My acid reflux is better and I am still eating foods I enjoy. The process was not overwhelming and felt very doable overall. Everyone on the Vitality team has been so kind and understanding. The whole experience has been very personalized and customized to what I need. Thank you Dr. Feldman!

Christy N.

Corporate Philanthropy

I was feeling bloated and tired. I had neck issues, foot issues, depression/mental health issues. Overall, I felt just “blah”. I had tried different supplements and diet pills that promised great results but nothing worked. Before getting started with my recommended wellness program, I was skeptical at first, however I had a lot of confidence in the approach after meeting with Dr. Feldman. As a result, I’ve lost weight and my gut feels so much better. I have more energy! The amount of support in the program is unmatched, between the staff and resources that were available. This is definitely worth the investment in myself – I cannot say enough about how much better I feel! I absolutely recommend working with Dr. Feldman!

Tina F.

Accounts Receivable

I was struggling with extra weight and my energy levels were really poor. I knew I needed to eat better and change my lifestyle, but didn’t really know where to start. I was on some medications that I wanted to eliminate, because they didn’t address the root cause. I tried a bunch of different diets, but I was looking for something that could connect all the different pieces and that’s exactly what I found with Dr. Feldman. I’ve lost 30 pounds and have eliminated some of the medications I was on. My primary care physician and cardiologist are both super impressed with my progress and my friends want to know what I am doing. I have so much more awareness about how food makes me feel and I notice that I have more energy throughout the day. I’m so glad I got to do this program with my wife and that we get to enjoy good health together for the rest of our lives!

Alan B.

Supply Chain Procurement

 Prior to starting my program, I was suffering for 15 years from swollen joints, to the point I could not walk some days. I had shoulder and foot pain, kidney and low back pain, extreme anxiety and fear of Covid, and even some mild depression. I tried dieting and food elimination and chiropractic care, but these never truly helped me. I never worked on the 5 pillars all at once, so I never felt truly optimal. I was at wit’s end – I knew I had autoimmune problems, but no one ever took the time to listen to me and get to the root cause. My body was feeling like 80 years old after going through chemotherapy. People around me didn’t believe that my body wasn’t optimal and that I could make improvements. After meeting with Dr. Feldman I had hope and knew that this would be the answer to what I was looking for. Since completing my program, my immune system improved immensely, which allowed me to handle Covid okay and a lot of other situations that came my way. I have no more knee pain! I’ve been able to run up and down the stairs again. I’ve lost 35 lbs so far and plan to keep on going. I feel so much better and have a lot more energy. I feel so much stronger and have more stamina during the day. The best part of this process has been the support and knowledge I’ve gained and seeing the test results greatly improve. This program is worth the investment. Prior to this program, I spent one night in the hospital for kidney stones, and that was way more expensive than this program. There are a lot of people out there that have a lot of health issues, which people often attribute to age, genetics, arthritis… if you can live better, no matter what age you are, why not! It’s never too late to make a change. I DEFINITELY recommend this program and working with Dr. Feldman and her team. It’s never too late!

Angela A.


The biggest thing I was struggling with was my gut health. I was not able to lose weight. I wasn’t clinically depressed but didn’t have the best outlook on life. When I tried to resolve my health issues in the past, I was listening to a lot of podcasts and ordered different supplements, was doing chiropractic, acupuncture – you name it! I was searching for a long time and nothing really resonated right for me. The biggest thing that I’ve noticed since joining the Wellness Program is my gut health has drastically improved! I can eat food without having any kind of stomach disturbances that I used to. I have a lot fewer headaches – I hardly ever take a Tylenol or anything for that. And also my emotional health has drastically improved – working on the physical aspect has helped me get through a lot of the emotional stuff, too. The coaching was a really important piece for me – I would have given up several times if I knew I wasn’t going to be coached during my program. I could’ve been in a really bad place right now if I didn’t do this program. If we don’t have our health, nothing else really matters. You can’t enjoy life without health at my age. My entire experience with the Wellness Program really was the greatest gift, and I’m so thankful I worked with Dr. Feldman and her team!

Pam Y.


Before finding Vitality Wellness Partners, I was experiencing a lot of health anxiety which led to mental fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, and decrease in energy. I had lost my zest for life. I was doing a lot of reading and research on my own, but I couldn’t put it all together or be confident in the information I was reading. After completing my wellness program, I am happy to report I no longer take any medications! I’ve lost weight as a side effect of these changes, which I am very happy about. I am overall just excited about life again! The coaching calls and touch points with Dr. Feldman were much appreciated and provided invaluable information. Likewise, Becca was, and continued to be amazing at quickly following up with my email questions, concerns and phone calls and continues to be a wonderful source of encouragement and help to me when I feel overwhelmed – THANK YOU VITALITY TEAM!

Michelle O.


My health concerns prior to starting this program were bloating, every GI pain you can imagine, every joint in my body hurt, my brain fog was catastrophic, it hurt to think – everything hurt. I felt 100 years old. For the last 10 years, I had noticed a staggering decline in my well being. I was trying every supplement, exercising, and eating healthy. Nothing helped. No matter how long I stayed consistent, nothing helped. At first, before starting my program, I was skeptical but still hopeful – this was the only thing I hadn’t tried so this was my last ditch effort. Now that I’ve participated in the program, I’ve become so much more aware about how not only food affects me, but my environment too! Right away my brain fog went away. My pain is gone. My GI symptoms are all better. I don’t have cravings anymore! This is the best thing I’ve ever done, because not only has my health improved, but also my 11 year old daughter’s health, who is now growing up learning how to be healthy. I’ve noticed that her ADHD is more manageable now. Over the last decade, I’ve spent so much money trying different things that made me feel sicker, but finding this program and investing in my health is the best decision I have ever made. This program is phenomenal and I recommend everyone work with Dr. Feldman and her team at Vitality Wellness Partners!

Leila M.

Business Owner

Prior to meeting Dr. Feldman, I had a hard time losing weight. I had tried a bunch of different diets, and you hear all these different stories, and you don’t know what’s true anymore. There is just so much uncertainty and I needed less anxiety in my life. After meeting with Dr. Feldman, I wasn’t skeptical, I was more leery. But hopeful. I wanted to get better. I didn’t want to get to a point where we’re relying on medicine and just sick and hurt it all goes downhill. I want to do everything proactively as much as I can. Since joining the program, I’ve lost weight. I definitely feel better. I’m living better. I feel stronger. I have more energy, and all the benefits associated with that. It’s so important to take the time now to learn, adapt and to change. Because you may not have that opportunity later on. If you do have that opportunity, it’s just so much harder. So do it early. Do it now. Do it when you’re younger. What I appreciated about this program is the fact that it was teaching us where we learn things and it was factual and it was supportive and we’ve experienced, felt and lived it and continue to live it now. And I think because of that it sticks a lot more. Thanks Dr. Feldman!

Joe W.

Business Owner

Before meeting Dr. Feldman, I was frustrated with bipolar depression, type 2 diabetes, thinning hair, anxiety panic attacks, weight gain, sugar addiction, brain fog, constipation, inflammation, and poor bowel function. I had tried visiting with my regular primary doctor and my psychiatrist, and nothing was sustainable. But being in this program, that’s what stuck. I knew this was what I was looking for. And now, it’s amazing. I’m so glad I found you! I am more in tune with me and even other people. I’ve experienced weight loss, confidence, and a stable mood. I don’t have bipolar type two – I feel like I’m cured! I can say all this has to do with being in this program, it’s literally changed my life. I’m not taking any medications. It’s been life changing. Find the money. My financial situation has not been perfect. I was literally on food stamps and section 8 when I joined this program. I had nothing. But I knew I had to do this. You might say you can’t afford it. But my mom taught me, you don’t say I can’t afford it. You say how can I afford it. I knew I needed this. I told myself I was going to do whatever it takes to get this because this was the first investment I made for myself and I cannot say how much gratitude I have for this program. It literally changed my life completely. I want to tell everybody about this program because they need to do it. I definitely 100% recommend working with Dr. Feldman and her team.

Nina C.

Lyft/Uber Driver

I was very fatigued all the time, I could not stay awake at all, other than at work. And even at work, I would struggle to stay awake. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. I felt really sick all the time. I did not feel good at all, whatsoever. I had a lot of stomach issues. I would go to my primary care doctor, who recommended blood work, and nothing comes up wrong. I felt like I was spinning in circles, being referred to other specialists, which I couldn’t afford to pay for, and nothing was ever wrong. There was nothing I could do that would solve any issues, and I needed to start feeling better pretty quick. I was definitely skeptical prior to working with Dr. Feldman. People tend to prey on people who are vulnerable. It’s scary to need help and I had never even heard of integrative medicine. Now that I’ve completed my wellness program, I’m no longer puking every day like I was before. I feel better about what I am putting into my body, & I care more about my life in general. I’ve learned to love and care for myself again. I’ve learned to think differently about the way I do things and how I organize my life. I can stay awake for more than 8 hours a time. I have energy to socialize with friends after work. I feel stronger and can exercise again. I feel really good about myself. I am no longer sick to my stomach all the time. I totally recommend working with Dr. Feldman and the Vitality Wellness Partners team!

Carmen L.B.


I got to a point where no matter what I ate, I was in pain within 10-20 minutes, and it would take me out! I would have to curl up into a ball and I would be in pain. It wasn’t fun to eat, it wasn’t fun to do anything. It was painful and a really big deal to me. Before working with Dr. Feldman, I tried to not eat bread/grains, minimized dairy, and I was still miserable. I was a little bit skeptical before getting started, but since joining the Wellness program, I received a level of support that I’ve never had before. I feel so much better now! If I slip up, I can identify it right away. I’m more educated and aware of what I am doing. I sleep better at night – I fall asleep and stay asleep. I have more energy – I can get up and get out the door. I lost weight, and my friends and family even thought my skin tone looked bright and younger! You should definitely make the investment in yourself to reach your health goals. You can’t put a price tag on your health. When you feel 100% better, it’s 100% worth it. Don’t go anywhere else – I definitely recommend working with Dr. Feldman and her team!

Becky V.


I initially started this program because of my low back problems. I had L4 and L5 disc issues for the past 20 years, and I used to be able to manage them in my 20’s and 30’s by being a little more conscious of what I’m eating and doing – eating more salads and exercising more. But here I was in my 40’s and it wasn’t working anymore. I was having chronic back pain that I thought was all about my weight, but I realized through this program that there were far more things going on, especially in my gut. I had tried everything to get this resolved. I tried yoga, different types of workouts, I tried cutting out sugar for a month, then I would cut out beer for a month – none of it was making any difference. All of my go-to’s that had gotten me through before were no longer cutting it. Now that I’ve gone through the program, physically, I’ve dropped 20-25 lbs. I have so much more flexibility when I am golfing – everything just feels like it is working so much better now. My back pain used to be baseline at 3-4 on the pain scale. Sometimes it would be exacerbated to a 8 or a 9. After doing this program, I haven’t had an 8 or 9, or even 3 to 4, in months! Mentally, I have more awareness of what I am putting in my body and what the outcome is going to be. The best of the experience has been getting compliments from my wife Suzy. My family and friends have noticed a difference in how I look, talk, and act. I have so much more energy, I’m feeling better, smiling more – there is so much more fun in just feeling good. I don’t care so much about pizza and beer anymore – I see food as fuel. I have clearer skin, and more regular bowel movements. This is not a Jenny Craig diet. This is not going to the gym and doing crossfit. It’s not for everyone. You have to have a positive outlook, you have to want and need to do it. It’s not one size fits all. I wish I would’ve done this 10 years ago!

Brendan L.

Sales Manager

I was prediabetic, my kidney function was terrible, overweight, sluggish…I had only ever tried diets, nothing to address the whole body. Diet alone never did too much for me. I learned a whole different approach, that focused on the whole system, rather than just medicating. It was a different form of looking at health. The support is really important, the knowledge you gain is super important, and I really enjoyed the detox. I’ve learned a lot, just having more knowledge has helped me. The products we use, chemicals, toxins – I’ve learned a lot about that, which has been truly enlightening! I’ve learned to eat healthier – not that I always do it, but I really notice a difference!I would totally recommend investing in your health. If we don’t have our health, we don’t really have anything. I have no regrets doing this wellness program and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Feldman and her wellness program. It’s a safe place to be – and they have a great library too!

Tomi V.


I was tired, unmotivated and wondering if I could improve.[…] I got to analyze many aspects of my life: eating habits, sleeping habits, activity level, daily patterns[…] With meals, a breakfast with more vegetables and protein prepares me better for a good day, I lost 19 pounds because of better eating habits, I did drop some food cravings (sodas and pizza) and drive-thru bad fast food consumption by having raw nuts in my car. I monitor activity with my fit bit and am diligent about getting 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week. […] I have cleaned up my water source, have resources for healthier products.[…] Around Memorial Day I got an email with a recipe from a coach for healthy ingredient brownies. That made my day as I like the creativity and stretching the diet to be fun.

Barb B.


I was having sleep issues, constipation, psoriasis, and trouble losing weight. I did a lot of fad diets and they never worked. With this approach, I feel so much better- the psoriasis completely cleared up without medication, I’m sleeping without any kind of sleeping aids, I feel more confident, and everything is just totally better than it was before. This program is like nothing else I’ve tried before and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Linda O.


I started overweight, fatigued, with bad eating habits, poor sleep, borderline high blood pressure, and bad moods- taking medicines absolutely didn’t work! This approach gave me massive improvement and 100% turnaround with my health. I no longer come home and crash on the couch, but am active and engaged with my wife and kids now. I feel so much better all around! It’s a small price to pay for a better lifestyle and a longer life!

Regan M.

Truck Driver

I started with high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, and terrible sleep. I have better energy now and plan to continue working on my health. The fact that I can see results in my bloodwork, and I’m getting better and it’s being pointed out to me, and we have goals to keep going further- it’s great! It’s given me hope. As you get older, people just shut you up, and I didn’t get that here. I got hope and I’ve gotten results- it’s so nice!

Marianne M.


Thank you! Thank you for the support and encouragement you gave and still give me. I had a lot of struggles and doubts and needed a lot of reassurance and support, especially during the detox. You normalized my fears and symptoms. You reminded me that I was doing a great job and that I’m doing all I can and that you are proud of my progress. It’s rare when you have that amount of support and encouragement. Instead of feeling like a failure for still having symptoms/not resolving my health issues yet, I keep walking away from my coach calls feeling encouraged and that I’m on the right path to healing. I’ve had other doctors tell me they are proud of my progress but I couldn’t take it in because I still left feeling like I’m too much and not doing enough and even blamed for my triggers. I have been able to take in your words and believe them :). Thank you for not blaming me or telling me I need to calm down, don’t worry about it or just relax when I’m triggered. Thank you for empowering me and encouraging me that I can heal and my body is smart enough to figure things out (with support). Lastly, thank you for all the education! Thank you for caring enough to help me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Louise Y.

Operations Analyst

I feel much healthier and better educated to make wise food choices. Being a Consumer and Family Science graduate, I didn’t know if I would learn from this program, but I was wrong! I learned a great deal especially about organic foods and the importance of them in my diet. The staff and the coaching support I received was very helpful. They guided me to great resources and websites to use to keep my lifestyle changes a life long plan. Thanks Vitality Wellness

Sharon M.


I am a 62 female who was gaining weight with each additional year. I’ve been on blood pressure medication since 2010, and it seems every year it’d be rising along with my weight gain. Long story short, I was stuck in habits I could not break. I’ve never been a fan of processed food or fast food. I thought I was eating a healthy, well balanced diet. How wrong I was! I followed Dr. Feldman’s 6 month program and am happy to report I’m fitting in clothes I’ve not worn for 15 years. The Optimal Wellness Program has taught me so many things about living a healthy lifestyle. I recently visited my cardiologist. My blood pressure decreased by 10 points. My total cholesterol levels are superb! I’ll take the tools I’ve learned from the program and will continue to exercise 4 to 5 times a week. I hadn’t been to a gym since the 1970’s. I feel SO much better.

Rae R.

Self Employed

When I came in here, I knew I wanted to lose weight – I hadn’t been successful at that in a long time. And I thought, “Okay, maybe there’s something else going on here than just lack of discipline – maybe I’ve got some internal issues that I couldn’t see.” I think I have tried just about every diet in the book and I would lose a little bit of weight and gain a little bit back, but nothing that was long term. As I’m getting older, I don’t want to carry this weight into my later years and I want to get it taken care of now. Everyone here has a positive attitude about everything and is so encouraging. I wouldn’t say I was skeptical about joining this wellness community, but I was wondering if this was going to be it — was this going to be my answer. And I have gotten a lot of answers here, especially looking at all the bloodwork and seeing those numbers improve has been so encouraging. And now I’ve launched and I’m on my way and I will continue to do what I’ve been doing to stay successful. Your health is your wealth. If you are serious about improving your health, definitely consider working with Dr. Feldman and her team. The staff here is just great – everyone here is just so positive and helpful and friendly – almost like you’re family. There is so much that happens behind the scenes inside your body that you aren’t even aware of. In America today, a lot of people don’t realize that they are unhealthy until something major happens – Dr. Feldman will work with you to prevent that from happening.

Debbie C.

Bus Driver

I had high blood pressure, I was on 3 blood pressure medications and they wanted to add on 1 more. Because of the situation I was in – my husband passed away and then COVID happened – I started to put on more weight, I had cholesterol problems, and I was borderline diabetic. My internist kept on telling me I needed to lose weight, which was always a struggle for me. I was looking to improve my health because I did not want to end up the way my husband was. He had so many issues and I was there to take care of him, but I did not want my kids to have to take care of me or have to go through anything like that. With my husband’s passing, I knew I needed to start taking care of myself, which led me to my initial visit with Dr. Feldman and signing up for her program. Within a few weeks of starting my program, I felt really really good. When I did my initial blood work, there were a lot of issues that were there that I didn’t even know about. But as I progressed in the program, I felt really good! When I did my blood work again at the end of the program, there was a lot of improvement – I was thrilled and Dr. Feldman was thrilled too! Prior to the program I was borderline diabetic, and now my bloodwork is in the normal range. My blood pressure has gone down so I was able to cut down on my medication. I was also able to cut down my cholesterol medication, and I lost a few pounds, and overall it’s been very good. My brother is a physician and he was extremely impressed with my blood sugar levels coming down from Dr. Feldman’s program. He was very proud of me, which made me very happy. Health is wealth. I’ve been through it all with my husband and his health struggles for 15 years. He was a healthy man and suddenly got sick. All the medications he was on had many side effects, and he was given more medications for the side effects and it just wasn’t fixing the problem. If he didn’t take the medications, his symptoms would just get worse and worse. They keep on adding on and adding on and it doesn’t make sense. If you really care about your health,working with Dr. Feldman is the best thing you can do.

Rathi A.


Maria: Trying to lose weight – it was an endless battle. I would lose maybe 2 or 3 lbs and it would always come right back on. After menopause, it was just totally out of control. I wasn’t a “tank” or anything, but I was just starting to feel uncomfortable in my body. Even with our relatives, I’ve noticed that, “the older you get, the bigger you get”. I thought I was eating healthy, but evidently I wasn’t because I was still stuck in my cultural loves and my cultural “safe place” because that’s how we ate all the time. I was utterly shocked when Dr. Feldman told me I was a full-blown diabetic – I had no idea. I had no indication that anything was wrong with my body, but when I saw the numbers I was shocked. When I began to work with Dr. Feldman, I started noticing that this new lifestyle was working for me. And after working with Dr. Feldman for the past 6 months, I can happily say that I am no longer a diabetic. Jack was a huge support for me during this time, but there was a great side effect to this – he also got better! Jack: We were both eating the same foods, and so we were both heading down the same path. I was not as far along as Maria was – her cholesterol level was much higher than mine, although mine was already above where anyone would consider comfortable. And my blood sugar was there too. Since she was now diabetic, I knew I would’ve been a diabetic a year later. My labs through my primary care doctor showed a dramatic improvement from where they were a year ago. She asked me to “spill the beans” and I told her what Maria and I were doing – she said my labs were amazing! Maria: We don’t want to be sick. We don’t want diabetes, we don’t want high blood pressure, we would rather be healthy than be sick. I was on the verge of starting medication and if I had not started this program and just went to a standard conventional doctor they most certainly would’ve just given me medication. But Dr. Feldman worked with me to avoid that. She was always a wealth of knowledge and encouraged me throughout this program, and now I’m healed.

Maria and Jack


I’ve had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for 15 years and was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My A1c was 9.6, and not even 3 months into this program, it is now 5.1! I was super stressed, had a lot of issues sleeping, and hormonal issues going on. When I found out I had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I tried Dr. Hyman’s 10 Day Detox, and it worked, but then you start going back to the way life is, and  you start drinking Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos and bad things can happen… haha! The whole idea of this wellness community with Dr. Feldman and Becca and the health coaches – it feels like a family. Dr. Feldman and her team are always so quick to respond to all of my questions – they’re amazing! I would recommend this place in a heartbeat. In less than 3 months, it has completely changed my life. The fact that this program actually worked – not that I thought it wasn’t going to, because I knew it would, but it’s already working and I’m already feeling so much better only half way through my program. I’m definitely feeling more energized, my labs are improving, and my sleep is definitely better. I’m still 100% working on my sleep and stress, but Dr. Feldman has already given me some amazing ideas on how to improve in these areas and I can’t wait to start implementing them. I like that stuff is not thrown at you all at once, and you don’t have to do all these things right away. It’s a slow methodical process and I’ve really enjoyed the journey. I 100% believe in this wellness program. I don’t even know if thank you is enough right now, and I’m not even done – and I know I’ll never be “done”; there is no finish. You keep moving on and doing everything you should be doing. I wish more and more people would get on board with this! Thank you Dr. Feldman and the Vitality Wellness Partners team!

Katie M.

Product Delivery Specialist

A lot of what I was doing, my body wasn’t responding well to. Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program was this breath of fresh air for me. What I learned was a lot of things I didn’t know about nutrition. I learned a lot about managing my stress. It’s shown me that when wellness is important to you, you can keep being the one in charge of your own destiny.


I’ve learned a lot in Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program. I’m still a work in progress, and I’m going to continue to work on it and hope to get to the point where I feel even better than I do today, which I feel great.”


I’m feeling much better after going through Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program. I was tired and very stressed, and I’ve gone through a lot in my life. I’m going to miss the classes. I would get down and then go to one those classes, and it got me back in there and trying hard.


I did Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program because I wanted to learn more and with the 5 Pillars of health, I needed a lot of help emotionally and mentally. I learned that I didn’t have to cheat when I was eating out. I did learn a lot. I feel confident enough now to go to a restaurant and ask for healthier choices. I feel free to dance, I feel free to live.



It’s been a struggle for me. I’ve had a lot of problems with food, my choices in food, and stress. It wasn’t hard for me to choose Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program. I’ve lost 3 inches from my waistline, and I was wondering why my pants were feeling so loose! It’s been fun, and it’s been the best thing for me. I would refer anybody to this Wellness Program. It’s the best thing for somebody like me. I really needed the direction and people to teach me. It’s been nice and life changing for me, and I’m going to continue on this journey as I’m still not done yet. There’s still a lot of work to do. I’m so glad that I did it. My life has changed drastically.


Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program really opened my eyes and helped me make myself a healthier person for tomorrow.


There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what is healthy, what’s the right exercise and how to manage stress. I’ve been successful in some ways, I’ve had terrible failures in others and I needed somebody to help redirect me into a more positive path so that there were more successes than there were failures. The knowledge I’ve gained in Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program is incredible. I like what’s happened. I like how I feel.


My struggle started a long time ago. I did a lot of research and finally got to a point where I had information overload. I didn’t know which way to go, and as it’s been said before, I was fat, sick and nearly dead. I didn’t know which way to turn, and I was looking for a doctor that wasn’t going to just keep giving me pills.

I was online searching, found Dr. Feldman’s website, emailed her and asked her if she could help me and told her I was desperate. She said, “come to my talk and see what I can offer you”. So I went and listened to the talk, and I was crying by the end of it. I realized that this is what I’ve been looking for. I can’t believe that there is somebody that practices medicine like this in the Midwest (I know a lot of them are out in California and West Coast).

I started the Wellness Program and immediately started seeing results. I was at the point before I came in that my body pain was so bad that I could barely move. Within weeks, I had no pain. I couldn’t believe it, and I didn’t even think that it was possible! From then, I just kept getting better and better. The blood work showed it at the end, and I was stunned at how much better all of my numbers were, including my diabetes, which had been out of control and is now in the pre-diabetic range in just months! I feel great. I have motivation to go on. I actually started exercising, which I couldn’t do before because it hurt so bad. That alone made it worthwhile for me to do this Wellness Program as I can move again and live again!

I got my life back, which I didn’t think was possible. I would recommend this program to anybody. It’s worth the investment in yourself to do it.


I kind of stumbled into Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program because I was looking for a holistic physician. I found Dr. Feldman years ago, but I didn’t act on it right away. Then I finally did call and went to her talk. I signed up because I thought this might be a good thing, and it was! My cholesterol was high. With diet and lifestyle changes I learned in the program, it came down from 274 to 220, so that was a good thing. I was lucky to join!


Dr. Feldman and her staff have been really helpful in getting me to work on being healthy and getting me onto a healthier path for the future. I’m not perfect, but I’m working on getting better and have gained a lot of knowledge. I’m enjoying the process and look forward to continuing to improve my health for the long term.


My husband and I started working on being healthier a while back. I thought we were on a pretty good track, and then I got pregnant. After having our son, I felt like everything just exploded with my hormones being all over the place, and I was trying to find a practitioner to work with me. There is so much conflicting advice out there with do this, but not that; eat this, but not that; this is good for you and that’s bad for you.

I wanted to join Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program because I wanted to take a natural approach to get to the root cause of my health issues. Everything has been great, and I would highly recommend Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program for anyone that wants to get their health back and remain on a healthier path moving forward. One of my biggest fears was that I would have a hard time getting pregnant again, and I’m excited to say that I’m one week away from finishing my first trimester with my second child. Thank you!


I feel better, I have more energy, and can do more. I feel as though I’ve gotten a new lease on life, and at the very end, Dr. Feldman called me a superstar – no doctor has ever called me that! Thanks to the help of Dr. Feldman and her team, I’m now on the path to better health. The coaching, giving us the knowledge and tools and getting behind us showing us that eating can still be enjoyable. Now we’re on the path to being in the 120 Club!”


When I started Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program, I felt like I was home and that my journey had finally begun. Dr. Feldman is my mentor, and I’m so grateful for her and her entire team for empowering me with the knowledge and tools I needed. Thank you so much for helping me!


I was kind of pushed into it by my wife because at first I was skeptical and didn’t know what I was getting into, but I’m really glad I joined Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program. Everything changed! Everybody thinks I’m dieting, but it’s a lifestyle change and I’m feeling great and my stress is lower. I’ve tried a lot of foods now, and there’s much better stuff out there besides junk food. I’m really happy not only just because of me, but for my kids and for their future to set them on the right path and make a better life for them.


In Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program, I’ve learned and experienced a lot of things that were surprising to me. It’s very empowering to have knowledge that we can take out and implement in our lives.


I got into the Wellness Program thanks to my wife. She came to Dr. Feldman’s seminar and told me “I think we should try this”. My health improvement had started about 6 years before I started this program when I quit smoking 2 packs per day and I quit drinking 2 Liters of soda a day. My health journey has been a gradual process, and after finishing Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program, I know it’s going to continue. Through Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program, I’ve learned even more. There were some things that I knew, but there was a lot that I didn’t know. Since we started the program, I’m down 32 more pounds, which is just a side effect of incorporating healthier habits into my life. The best part is that I feel better, I’m healthier, I have more energy, and all in all, I just want to say thank you!


When people join groups where change seems possible, the potential for that change to occur becomes more real. For most people who overhaul their lives, there are no seminal moments or life altering decisions, there are simply communities who make the change believable because for habits to permanently change, people must believe that change is feasible and belief is easier when it occurs within a community. I look forward to becoming a member of Dr. Feldman’s Chicago Blue Zone and encourage anyone who is looking for a community that believes change is feasible and that your health belongs to you alone, to join our journey towards wellness.”